35 Things to Remember Now That You Are 35

Dear Ursula,

Remember when you were 14 and you used to write hormonally charged, angst filled poetry?!? You thought you were so cool and the thought of aging-being a lame sell out middle class adult was too much to handle.
Lol, well, breathe easy love…you made it!
You are still as artsy, @ least 3x times as cool as you thought you were then, childlike-but no longer childish, and you have made it to 35 without any real selling out or selling yourself short to speak of!
I’m writing to you today because it’s your birthday, I love you and one day not so far off when you are 40, 50, 89…I want you to remember and honor the love and the lessons.

So, here it goes 35 things I hope you remember now that you are 35.

1) You can always choose to say no thanks!
•if you are tired, not down for that, or just because

2) You are an inspiration sandwich.
•always embrace the homemade, hand sewed, thift store diva inside yourself

3) Always Eat Dessert on Your Birthday…especially if you ran 4 miles in the rain that morning!

4) Share, Share, Share the lessons whenever possible.
•you never know who is listening and needs your help

5) Go Big or Go Home!
•unless we are talking gifts…lots of lils are way more fun…in big bags or boxes of course

6) Stay Close to your Girlfriends and your exercise routine.
•these are the corner stones of sanity

7) Having Less=Clean Home, Clean Car and Cleaner Mind

8) Daydream Often, Sing Loud, Breathe Deep

9) Always Stop and Smell the Flowers, Look at the Stars and Gaze at Cool trees

10) Love with every Fiber of your being without Ever wanting in return, but keep your heart open
•it is always returned anyway

11) Slow down with Aliyah, Sher and Family
•soak up all the lil moments

12) Paint…even if it is just your nails

13) Read inspiring quotes, news, books and try to limit negative ones•YTT Zen 

14) Make new friends, recipes, crafts
•pure joy will come from this

15) Practice til you think it is perfect and then practice some more
•no such thing as perfect…it is perception

16) Smile and Laugh with Sher Everyday

17) Try anything that both Scares and intrigues you at least once

18) Buy more Art

19) Don’t waste too much on old problems…know the lesson…trust your gut…it got you this far and you are HAPPY here

20) Always Say Thank u…with a proper note!

21) Eat more Sushi and Mexican Food
-Yum need I say more

22) It is ok to have your hand in many bags, pots, places at once…you multitasking queen you”)

23) Sharing Dessert is yummier, and helps keep one skinny

24) If you find someone inspiring-Stalk them…lol…no really”)

25) Set Goals but don’t worry if they take longer now that you are a mommy

26) Know that each time you screw up and you will do this often still…it is an opportunity to learn and add to this list

27) Have Faith…lots of it…like 5 year old naive faith…never let go of that

28) Run-Hard and Far, because you always Shine after

29) Cuddle-Sher, Aliyah, Tommy, Friends, Pillows, Warm Laundry…etc

30) Get good sleep even if it means asking for help with other stuff

31) Always forgive
•but also forget

32) Send lots of Snail Mail
•Staying in touch is a nurturing hobby and keeps loved ones feeling loved

33) Keep at your make up attempts, by the time it looks good you may need it

34) Inspire others as often as you can, because they often become your inspiration just in the nick of time…and also just because that is after all your greatest asset

35) When in doubt wait one day: this goes for all purchases and major decisions

2014 is exploding with inspiring joys: YAY 35!

Happiest Birthday To Me!



Picture of all the groovy wrapping paper from my gifts”)Image

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