5 Reasons I Don’t Do Yoga Daily Or Do I?

I am often thinking about a post topic and then someone says something that actually is the spark that causes me to type. The universe speaks…I listen.
Sunday morning a friend text me, “where are you yogaing today??”
My answer was “home”
But it got me thinking…even after 20 years of Practice and 13 years of teaching…I don’t do yoga daily?!? Or do I?

Truth is I don’t do asana daily, but I do lots of yoga!
** Asanas are the physical parts of yoga aka poses.

Here are my reasons why:

1) I do Pranayama(breathing) well duh…just try and go through a day without doing this properly.
Anxiety and stress, hunger and fatigue are all the side effects of irregular breathing.
I always start my morning with a few deep breathe exercises…and often in fits of rage(yes) or annoyance(yes me) I return my thoughts to these calm starting minutes

2) I am a Runner, Paddler, Aero Barre, Boxing…I could go on and on…Fitness Junkie, and well Asanas are Fab, but they are a small fragment of actual yoga and my fitness routine is balanced by not dependent on those stretches and strength poses.
Mixing it up has kept me keepingskinny

3) Karma Yoga or giving back to those around me, be it time, $$, or inspiration like this post are a HUGE part of my practice

4) Self Love, Self Exploration is a practice that truly takes practice. I am getting into the regular habit of yogic self love:
What do I need today? How can I serve my physical body to boost my mental and emotional self?
And well sometimes the answer is asana, and often it is one of the other activities in #2″)

5) Lastly…Rest is essential. I used to go through my asanas daily until sometime hurt. Boo hiss not self loving…I now know I have nothing to prove or gain by pushing through joint pain.

I find such comfort and beauty in knowing all 8 limbs of yoga and mixing them up as they serve my greatest good.
Take a moment and invite into your day what feels true.

Skinny Yogini


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