It Is Ok To Cry For No Reason

Monday was just a normal day…really…I ran, taught yoga, kissed A lots, had a fun day…until 8pm when I found myself curled in a ball on my bathroom floor sobbing?!? The reason many and few??…doesn’t matter… except for the part where I share this was not the 1st time and it probably won’t be the last!
Why?Because I’m human…I have a large wide open heart, I remember all the good/bad life has dealt me. I have a beautiful life, gratitude for it all and sometimes crying is what I do to remember this and survive the day.
I bring this up, because I want you to read this and know you are not alone when you feel alone. You can be a yogi, good mother, happy even and still find yourself on occasion in this predicament.
This type of moment does not mean you are crazy, or even depressed. I find it can be quite the opposite. It is good to feel.
I try not to stifle what I am, who I am or how I feel…life is too short for it!
It is hard enough to be a person of this magnificent universe, Loving, Losing, Caring, Dreaming, etc…all these authentic emotions can be wonderful and yet draining without faking we are something we are not…to please people who don’t matter.
How have I come to embrace the idea of needing a good cry as normal?
Having a loving relationship with myself is what makes me so certain I AM NOT ALONE at these times and that being just me is totally ok. We come into this world with ourselves only, and that is how we will leave it.
Be your own BFF 1st and your other relationships will begin to reflect it…like a magic mirror”)
I am a fighter. I am a creator. I am a loving daughter, mother, friend…I am a cry baby…lol…and yoga, running, my mirrors, life has taught me to rock it all with gratitude.
I’m thankful especially in moments like this…to truly feel alive.


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