Making Life Sweeter with Less Sugar

If you know anything about me?!? You know I love setting goals, making to-do lists…and checking things off these lists.
Talk about feeling empowered…check, check, check and the crowd goes wild!!! Lol
This month was no exception, but there were some major mild stones not on this list that I can’t ignore.
1)Today marks day 3 of Aliyah not nursing…I am proud, because I never imagined I could do this for 17 months ;and surprised, because I am sad that time bonding is over.
2)Friday marks the closing of my Personal Chef company Divine Dining Florida…the web page is down, the parties are over and now the anxiety of will my new endeavor stay a float (no pun intended) is starting to set in…or is it just that today is also the 1st day of my 2nd SugarCleanse!?!
Ahhh…a good indicator that I am on the right path to self care and that it is time to exercise to get my energy up.
Exercise is my cure all…and with a crazy week like this I may have to run and yoga everyday! SWEET!
I know SO many questions, right?
Well, my new business is a highly physical job and so I knew the time was right to sugar detox-Again…yes I did this before…but old habits die hard!
See 2011:

So here it is 11am and I am still functioning and happy…maybe second time around will not be as tough?!? That would be a whole different kind of Sweet!

Join me? The benefits are endless: weight loss, less inflammation, clearer skin……

As for my other March Goals…

March Madness:
•Wear My Sequin Mini Dress Somewhere
•Finish the SeaHorse Painting(CHECK)
•Organize the File Drawers with Mini Boxes(CHECK)
•Do a Burpee Challenge
•Set Up Sewing Area…maybe where Sofa is Maybe in My Room…Maybe outside??(last Resort?)
•Paddle Lots like 10+ Days
•Remember your FUN first
•Create with Your Scarves and Hermes Card Set
•Learn some New Make up techniques
•Budget For our 2 Trips
•Perfect One Long Board Trip(CHECK)
•Start Oil Pulling(CHECK)
•Read for Fun(CHECK)

Only 12 days left…Make the Most of March…Make your moments not your food sweet!



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