How Sweet Life Is…

Today is the International Day of Happiness…I know, I know… there seems to be a day for everything from food types to TV shows…silly??… but I kind of love an excuse to eat Grilled Cheese and watch Dr.Suess Cartoons. No matter your take on the seemingly random everyday is a holiday thing…Happiness should be celebrated and spread DAILY!  Take it from a girl on day 2 of no processed sugars…LIFE is pretty freaking SWEET and Happy is in fact a choice.  YES A CHOICE!?

I refer to it as the 90/10 thing with my students and clients.

You know the old saying “Life is the 90% we make of the 10% that actually happens”…some days are easy…some not as easy.

So I woke this am at 3ish; after what I can only call a night terror, I had a great Wednesday like any other…sans sugar.

I went to bed last night relieved and proud of my dedication and so some might call this a rocky start to Day 2…but the day could only get better from there, right?!? I believed this and so it did! My attitude is my altitude…UP UP UP(Rainbows and Sunshine my patients call me) and so is yours!

Cuddling with Aliyah and watching Clifford at 6am…Yummy coffee and oatmeal with Judy and my sweet Aliyah at the Bux, baby clothes shopping for a friend (where I also happened upon cute photo socks and my jelly beans-to be enjoyed in 13 more days…give or take:), Making mac n cheese for Sher and Aliyah for lunch, chatting yoga, SUP, and a million other fun things like Diana App at Christina’s enjoying veggie melts and world class potato salad with Cathy…and it is only 2pm…How LUCKY AM I???

Now I am home in the quiet alone(YES!) and I still get to teach yoga, play with photos for my new business, go for a run and work on my butterfly painting…so I guess you could call today extra HAPPY!

What can you do daily to ensure you keep your spirits high, your attitude in check and life 90/10?





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