Everyone Has Those Days…How Do You COPE?

I work in the land of helping others.  If I am living my TIGER…I live in that land always, because I like order. READ: Control of my space…TIGERESS in the house.

 You know the kind of job (ex. teachers/moms/nurses/hair dressers{not kidding they hear it all}, etc) where you really have to be positive to survive. The kind of job where you give, give and hope they get it?! This does not mean we always have it together and it is important to for others to realize:

A) We are Human (read: we get pissed, frustrated, etc)
B) We are flawed(beautifully of course)
C) Sometimes we just need a break! Like shut up and get away from me-BREAK!🙈🙊🙉

To say life is in flux would be such a crazy understatement this week. Don’t get me twisted; I fully realize we are all in constant flux, EVERYONE is going through something good/bad/neutral…the only constant is change!!
Lately, I’ve been on an unintentional fast forward around here, trying to cram it all in. Strongly feeling somedays I can’t do anything as well anymore.
Wahhhhmbulance!!! I do plenty; just fine, but perception is reality!
PERCEPTION IS REALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ahh Reality:

My husband and I both have been working like crazy to start new businesses. And all while balancing: old work #necessary, Aliyah #loveherface, a great sex life #important, exercise #notgivingitup, media, extended family, friends, holidays…need I go on?!  NO!?
I am sure many of you can relate.

No secret: I am very type A. I am someone who prides myself on balance, being the rock, and being the planner. Having so much up in the air is unsettling…REFRAME:(and exciting! Right-yes!)

This week got epic out of control when some of the work ideas I had shifted(were scrapped), some friends/family needed TLC and the 3 of us caught a cold one after the other…mostly because we had TOO much on the collective plate!  This type of chaos really can be the antithesis of balance…So how do I cope? Well how does anyone cope??
I have mad skills…lol…coping skills that is…I teach them weekly, but have to work to actively use them too!
Still-just like any real life girl…I sometimes forget to use them, and sometimes I rock them. It is a balance.

Using good coping skills in times of change and stress can make or break you and me! (Literally)

Here are a few that really worked for me this week:

1) When I am Getting Frustrated…I Get Curious:
I move my yoga practice, paddle or run to/in a new place. This fresh perspective can flip my frustration to wonder in seconds! I love exploring in real life, media and through books!  And exercise us the ultimate feel good outlet!

On a side bar I’d give anything to feel well enough to run today, but listening to my body is always best. Aliyah and I had a nice stroll while chatting up a friend. Walking was a good 2nd and honestly all I could muster with this cold(SNEEZE!).

2) When I feel LOST…I listen and let go!
I am a talker. I come by it honestly…we are a stubborn bunch in my family and I can admit I don’t listen enough!
For this reason I am super grateful I have friends that are a bit older and a lot wiser!!! These ladies and gents keep me in check when I am overwhelmed or stewing over nonsense or things I can not control…I value their experiences and try to heed the words.
No one can conquer it all alone!  Knowing when to reach out is key.

3) When I am anxious…I create!
All that extra energy is gonna be used and I want to use it for good instead of evil! I paint, I sew, Make jewelry, I cook something new…I paint/color/mash clay with Aliyah, teach school lessons or tell stories. If you can find tasks that keep you present you can channel your energy properly and calm your environment.  Today Aliyah and I finger painted on the pages from a Donna Hay cooking magazine…FABULOUS Food and now Beautiful art.

4) When I am Sad…I Dance, Art Journal, and I Cry.
Yep, I said it often crying is cathartic in a way that often
settles what is stirring us.
These days nothing cheers me up like having a dance party with A! Great music, better company and silly booty shaking!

I discovered art journaling in college and only recently have returned to it…I was totally inspired recently by an old friend from high school on PINTEREST Thanks Jamie…I like it a little more than dream boards…because it is non specific beauty! It can be very abstract, full of randomness and yet serve you a personal purpose! http://www.kellyraeroberts.com is great too!

The above 4 items generally set me right, but you should take note…coping skills vary from person to person. What are yours?  Maybe it is time for a refresher…ImageWhen all else fails unplug, take a LBD LAZY BASTARD DAY…Bubble Bath or Sauna…STAT…and Enjoy it! 





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