Wake and Live! An Invitation to Embrace Your 5 Senses (Manumaya Kosha)

My last post was May 20th…it feels like that was a lifetime away!!! And if we review all that took place during that time…it was!

This is not necessarily a negative. Life is after all for living-lots! Conscious living: now that is the challenge. We often go through the motions, walk in a haze, and even bog down our senses with outside junk: food, tv, news, others views…our sensory perception becomes well…not ours!

Last night I taught yoga at Rx Care with a focus on the 3rd Kosha (in yoga we believe in the idea of 5 depths of being/bodies) Manomaya Kosha is the awareness of or connection of the physical body to the 5 senses.

I started class with a simple question: “Do you remember Tasting Lunch? Not just eating it! But actually tasting it”

My own life has become SO full(good/bad) that I am working deeply with Mantra meditation (our best tool to awaken this kosha) to connect awareness to my Manumaya Kosha.
Our mantra last night “my mind is clear, my heart is open, I am aware of all 5 senses”

I can admit I blitz though somedays-hearing, but not listening…seeing, but not observing, eating, but not tasting…touching without feeling…sniffing without smelling. How can I say I am living if I am asleep?!

So yesterday, during and after and before class I set an internal alarm!!!!!! Here is what I witnessed.

•a small boy smiling and waving at a driver who stopped to let his family safely cross the street leaving the beach…So sweet and grateful!
•a beautiful curly haired girl smiling in the wind on her vespa…YOLO state of mind!
•homemade hummus from Taso greek restaurant I love (a small portion savored over 35 at lunch) Delicious!
•the smell of coffee brewing…💖💖💖💖
•the smell of rain on Tommy(yuk! Lol)
•Aliyah playing with the glitter and star flecks in her latest master piece…messy and TOO fun
•my daddy’s laugh (larger than life!)
•my sister calculating the best time to snap my photo…talent!
•wet grass under my toes in pigeon pose on Daddy’s freshly cut grass… I am SO alive!
•Aliyah’s sweet wet kiss on my cheek…nothing better!
•Lindsay poised with confidence in challenge poses…inspired!
•Moe and Linda embracing their strengths attempting new edges…inspired!
•Katie’s restful gratitude of each breath on her mat…inspired!
•Sher’s tight squeeze…the rest not PG, but Divine!!!
•the sweet words in Jessica’s text: “love her to the moon too”

These are just the few that scream to mind!

Today walk slowly, breathe deeply, see, taste, hear, touch, smell your life!!! Be here NOW!



2 thoughts on “Wake and Live! An Invitation to Embrace Your 5 Senses (Manumaya Kosha)

  1. my goodness. i was reading your blog while eating a cantaloupe filled with blueberries and when i got the part about whether or not i was truly tasting what i was eating…wow! i immediately took the next bite, closed my eyes and focused on what my taste buds were telling me. i so often forget to cherish and savor the moments of a day, but that’s how you live richly and deeply. thanks so much for this reminder. great post. ❤

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