Kindness is a SuperPOWER! So…Every day, Be Kind to a Stranger…Journailing Inspired By Who Will Die When You Cry?

About a year ago I was in line with Aliyah at MY local Starbucks and a young guy bought her coffee. It was for me to drink, of course; but it was her smile that brightened his groggy morning.  He was headed to his office I assume to sit at his desk and be a worker bee.  He was not hitting on me, or seeking anything in return. He was just being a kind stranger to a tired/sleep deprived new mama.

Now…some 11ish months later we know “Ray” much better, we have exchanged several coffees back and forth, he brings Aliyah fun stuff and she paints for his office.  A stranger once…now a friend.  This is not an uncommon story for me.  I met my best friend Sam working in a coffee shop and my best friend (now “auntie Judy to Aliyah) in a coffee house. 

Sharma talks about a meaningful life being a series of small acts of decency and kindness that add up to a beautiful life. 

Day 2 Every day, be kind to a stranger! 

I can’t imagine not having these people in my life. Remind yourself everyone you love that is not direct family was once a stranger. Remind Yourself that we all have days and meet all people with understand…When someone is upset…1st seek to understand why…we’d have no war if everyone did this!  Remind yourself that the smile that comes in response to that kindness gives you endorphins and is apparently equal to the brain as $2500 and 2,000bars of chocolate 

Remind yourself-Kindness IS a Super Power!!!!!

xO UrsulaIMG_0873

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