Who will cry when you die? 100 days of Journaling Inspired by Robin Sharma

In 2011, I posted 100 Days of Positive Attitude activities. This was actually a list used by hospice nurses to help patients cope, but it inspired me to live so BIG! I can still say that year was Amazing beyond measure!!! It was worth all the time and lessons…it kept me focused and it was super fun because..,

My friend Stephi also took this journey…here’s a link to that lil inspired diva’s days…

Anyway, I think it made us both view life a little differently especially during that 100 days…perspective is EVERYTHING…you are…your life…is what you think it is. Each day I started my day with a purpose, a plan and a fun thing to do…it was bliss!

In yoga the last few days I have spoken lots about creating life “asmi” I AM…

So powerful! What do you say after “I am…” It is creating who you are! I am creating a path of stability.

They say 21 days of practice make a habit, but I like 100s (maybe my lucky number!) So 100 days it is again now in 2014…let’s make it Amazing!

This 100 days is all inspired by the Sharma book “Who Will Cry When You Die?” Life Lessons From “The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari”(still to this day my favorite book!) An old friend gave me Sharma’s book and I have loaned it 100s of times and even given a few away myself.

Each of the 100 days in this book invite us to look deeply at ourselves, our view on our life, explore, dream bigger, and well plain make SHIT happen!!!
So let’s dive in! Woohoo!

Day 1: Discover Your Calling?!?
Wait? What!? Like 1 thing…lol…ummm I’m Ursula Rafer…hello!
I guess teaching or assisting?!?

This 1st sentence(question) left me stunned for 5 days…really I started this blog on Ryan’s Birthday. Hmmm Ryan…

I cried SO much when he died.
I cried for days, a year strait really and often I still cry over the loss of Ryan…my loss, his family’s loss, the world’s loss-HUGE! My mind races with images of beautiful things he’d create, hilarious things he’d say and do, or even just the way he was truly curious and therefore discovered SO much in such a brief earthy life.

Sharma asks…Who will cry when you die?? Because of something his father once said, “Son when you were born -you cried and the world rejoiced-Live your life so that when you die -the world cries and you rejoice”

I don’t think Ryan was ready at 26 to die, but he lived like 100s of life times in 26 years…and I think that is what Sharma means. In each moment do what calls you! Be here now…because now might be all you get!
My calling this moment is to be here NOW…this included blogging, starting something new and positive for my life, remembering Ryan so he lives on, and being the best me I can be whether at Yoga, leading a group at my clinic, loving my family, painting…on and on goes the list.

What is your calling? Who are you remembering tonight? How can you BE HERE NOW?!


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