It’s All Good…Day 3: Maintain Your Perspective! 100 Days of Journaling Inspired by Who Will Cry When You Die

Life is SHORT!

Let us not waste it!IMG_5050 IMG_5086

Day 3: Maintain your Perspective

Sharma tells the old tale of the two men in the hospital.

Great tale, but this is so many times a super challenging thing.  The way we think is literally creating our existence…that is pretty powerful!  You’ve got lemons and sure you want lemonade(who doesn’t)…but it has been raining for days(and you feel drained)…Oh, so at least you’ve also got water?!? lol  Sharma talks about making the best of it all…learning to shift your perspective. See it all sweetly?!? ah ha! SUGAR!!!! He refers to us as “blips” in a huge universe.  Encouraging us to make the lemonade already and drink up…so to speak!

So…how can we make sure we live in gratitude instead of with an attitude!?!

Becoming a runner after years of being an overweight hater taught me SO much about how to maintain perspective…and SHIFT…if you’ve never run(insert exercise here)?… I mean those runs where your mind is bullying you and you think “I’m not going to make it…I might die…” and then you check in with your legs-hmm they are actually not as tired as you thought(or told yourself)…hmm then you remember you always make it.(like even if you walk a lil…it’s all good!)

Then it all shifts and you think I can’t remember a run I regret.

 As I tell my students daily NOTHING LASTS FOREVER…so breathe through it.

My 1st draft of this post included my life in 2 perspectives…Lemonade Glass Full and Empty.  Honestly, I don’t want to highlight anything that could be a perceived as a downer…I am so grateful for SO much right now…IT’s ALL GOOD!  That is how I maintain perspective…Rainbow seeking in rain/ Star Chaser in Darkness.  Being here NOW and Grateful for it all!

What do you do when you need to shift? How do you Maintain Your Perspective?




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