Just Keep Going! Day 4: Tough Love, The Practice


Day 4 Practice Tough Love!

Ahh…discipline. If I could talk to my 20 year old self…I’d tell her to get some!!!! Sharma gives a leadership talk where he expresses a need to “hone your craft”…he sights Edison doing few things and having hundreds of patents…he was great.
I am good at SO many things, great?!? I am great at a few. I am not honing a singular craft though.
These days I am pretty good at self…tough love.
I workout=discipline
I work hard to create=discipline
I am using positive self talk and living here NOW=discipline

Just like I hope you are still engaged in the active practice of days 1-3 this is an active practice. Do the next right thing! Learn to say NO and YES where it works for you.
Don’t spread yourself too thin!

Sharma uses the analogy of a leaf blowing to and fro at the winds every whim…don’t be that leaf! Let your consciousness be your guide.

Get up and give to all…your best! Even if you are resistant in the begin…you are building a “stick to it” muscle. And the reward is greatness! 2 super powers in 4 days…not bad😘




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