Create Yourself! Day 5



Today I had to smile when I saw day 5.
5. Keep A Journal…with Sharma’s list of reasons…and benefits. Now he is preaching to a choir!!
So 1st there is this BLOG a journal of sorts, my word a day journal, my good deed a day journal, my daily intention journal, my runner’s log, and yes I write in all these!!! Hmmm…maybe I should of been a writer?! And yes I could list a few more…who cares! I love Journals!

The journal I want to share with you is the one I give to my patients. It is a dream book. I started keeping a dream book when I was around 12 or 13. I liken it to a vision board, but it also acts as a happy place to visit in times of hardship or sadness. It is a collection of scraps of things that made me smile, gratitudes, lists of empowering statements:
“I am..,”
“I can..,”
“I do..,”
Memories of successes, achievements,and Oh, So much more.

I have seen its pages come to life and its lessons lead me to manifest most of my hearts desires… Lasting love, kind friends, beautiful art, courage and acceptance of NOW as my only truth.

I consider this journal part of my yoga practice, my therapy, in my lowest moments it has been a stark reminder of my strength, faith and love of myself!
I beseech you…MAKE ONE!
1)start with your family story book-mine is an old copy of Alice in Wonderland
2)doodle in it
3)make list of things you love about you in it
4)cut dreamy things from magazines and tape them in… 5)Let it burst at the seems with Joyous reminders of all you are and all you will be

Refer to it t15 minutes a day…and as my friend Sharma says reap major health benefits.

Go on…Get Creative!



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