Take Yourself Out Tuesday…Dating Yourself and Improving Self Love

It’s Tuesday!!! Well it was Tuesday…lol…

Ever get so busy running through your day…That PUFF! It’s over.
We are only a lil way in the week on Tuesdays…A great time for reminders! Love Yourself this Week…I am setting a goal to Take Myself Out on Tuesdays…taking time to be with just me! I am pretty good on the whole with taking solitary time, but I want to make a point weekly to go somewhere fun, do something fun and just for me! An active practice of self love if you will. Sure workouts are great…meditation important…but I talking art, movies, dinner, shopping…woo yourself already!

In an effort to inspire my friends too…I sent them lists of their favorite things from a year ago. Asking the question…Do you fill your life with these favorites?? You are worth it!

Today I spent an hour painting(alone) and as much as I love to paint with my daughter…this time to create alone was AWESOME!!!! I also tried a new sushi place Yaki Tori…yum!

It’s Tuesday for 2 more hours!!! Take yourself out for a night on the town!


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