Local Love…The Beat Cup Delray Beach

It’s Wednesday! I love Wednesdays! I only work 2 hours outside of the house on Wednesdays. There is always TIME for me on Wednesdays. And I LOVE time… To squeeze, paint, giggle, cook,craft, yoga, walk and play with Aliyah(my daughter).
I love that there is always time to reflect, reconnect and work for me on Wednesdays.

You will be hearing from me on Wednesdays…not just about what I love, but what the people I love love! Let’s spread more LOVE!

This week my local LOVE is The Beat Cup Cafe…Aliyah loves the antique toy corner and books…I love the coffee, food and art fun in this space. The owners put SO much Love in this space…live music, lesson, and lunch can all be enjoyed here! Check it out and share the love!imageimage


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