You Know That Thing You Think You Can’t Do??

imageI was never an athlete as a kid I was always looking for ways to get out of gym class and exercise?!? When I look back I am both sad (because I missed out) and proud (I am in the best shape of my life!)

It’s Thursday…so let’s give something new a try! As we age we typically get more fearful, set in our ways, less adventureous… This week throw cation to the wind and do something that both scares and delights you!

I am practicing handstands…yes in my 30s…no I was never a gymnist either…

I have been doing them up against a wall for about 90days now and I am determined to keep trying to work away from the wall. Not only is it fun to be upside down…it is building my confidence, humbling me in ways I can’t put into words and helping me become more fearless!

You know that thing you think you can’t do!? Well you can!
Go on TRY!

Xo Skinny

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