Just Another Magic Monday!

It is SO loud inside our heads…
Don’t drown in regret…in yesterday in tomorrow,
Bring yourself to your breath…to life in this momentimage
Remind yourself love is what you have…for yourself
Start to actively search for all your shiny things…qualities that make YOU shine!
Ask Is your love big enough???
You were born pure Love…Shiny
Look for ways to SHINE living as big and bold as you can
Love all you can about you
Breathe Deeply
Happy Monday!!!

This Mornings pep-talk was a definate help…Today was long and SO beautiful! My daughter is a joy, I have help with her(thanks Eliza and Katie) Sher is calm and supportive, Tommy finally made it to vet and all my private chef clients are happy(thrilled even!) Someone told me today she now knew what having a wife is like…lol!
Today I thrived”)
Mantra Monday Mindful

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