My 2015 Super Power is Living Curiously Fearless like a Kid

I ask the clients at FBC to write 5 empowering thoughts (IAM…) affirmations (Start your day with positive power!) and 5 Gratitude every night(Focus on what you HAVE!)  When I practice this I am unstoppable! When I slack…I lose focus and fall back into bad habits.

I recently had a patch of this in October I was feeling lack luster, overwhelm and then my workouts started to taper too?! dANGER!!!!

Thank god for my daughter!  She got me sliding at the park, painting and standing on my head (quickly I recovered)…then it hit me… I was missing my curiously fearless inner kid.  I was focusing all my energy even the positive energy on being a grown up…bORING!

And so I began listing 5 things that Light Me Up… You know those silly little things that aren’t so little! They feed our souls and create joy!

And so for the last 2 weeks my clients have been met with this list too!  These are some of the most fun lists to read, note or log.

As I warmly invite in another year… My new Super Power has me stoked to learn more long board tricks, create with lifebook 2015 and oh maybe shoot some homemade arrows…

Wherever 2015 takes me I’ll be curious and fearless!

5 Empowering Thoughts

I am Well rested

I am cultivating my art

I am a yogini

I am Authentic

I am excited for anything

5 Gratitudes

Sher’s love and support

Aliyah’s laugh

My Inspired friends

My planners

My nice organized home

5 Things that Light me Up


Long boarding

Coffee shops

New chap stick

Stickers and post its

See you in 2015


be fearless

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