Focus on What You are Creating Now!

I love to exercise. Really! I love the feeling I get after cardio, yoga and even lifting. It is euphoric. The physical body is not the only part of us that needs to be worked to be strong.

The last few months I noticed a lagging in my mental state and so I started taking some creative workshops this year to help cultivate healthy thoughts. Building my 3rd Kosha (as we say in yoga) is a work in progress. I feel deeply about the idea that what we image

internalize manifests our truth. This is not a new focus…it is a revisiting of self care. I started to focus on what I was feeding my mind years ago by writing positive “I am” statements, gratitudes and this blog.

When life started to send me challenges in my business, family and finances; I was quick to fall into bad mental chatter?!?

For instance you might of noticed my absence from the blog world…not because I had nothing to say. I had SO much to say and I had no understanding of how to say it.  My mind was a stir with lots of heavy things. I was literally feeding my brain waste.  I’d want to blog…then the stuck thoughts would poor in…

You have nothing of value to post

You can always post when life gets easier

Building your blog requires time, money and space you haven’t got at this point in your life

Building anything requires focus on one thing!

Any of these excuses sound familiar? Yes, even yogis have these sluggy brain phases.  There were plenty of blessings, beautiful moments, and I am still in my calm mind aware of all that I have(and most of it is SO good!)

As Aliyah and I giggled over a smiley face pizza we made together last night…the light of that moment caused a surge of awareness.

I have come to realize I can be my own worst enemy.  This life reads like a beautiful blog…park play dates, bento lunches, IG Yoga challenges, parties, runs…and more.  The content I worry about and seek is my sheer existence.

My intention for Keeping Skinny was to inspire and keep it real.  My comfort zone is being emersred in all facets of my life…this blogging journey is about  not only being present, skinny, healthy, but capturing those moments that remind me.

I am talented

I am blessed

I am enough!

And so are you…What actions have u taken today in service of your goals and creative commitments to yourself?



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