10 Lessons from #Loveherface

image image Over the last few months I have been engaged in art, fitness, play and online classes. None of these pass times are new to me, but I am starting to view them differently. I have a new found appreciation for my ability to be in the moments that matter most. Taking my yoga off the mat is never a bad thing. My lil #loveherface is enjoying life fully too. She has taught me SO much over the last 2.5 years. My shift to actively looking for things that light me up daily came from watching her embrace the smallest joys with such light. I cultivated a little list of lessons she has taught me recently. 1. It is always a good idea to have a cake pop for breakfast (well maybe not) but settling for high protein chocolate or gingerbread granola is “a great idea, mama” 2. Your socks don’t have to match they just have to make you happy and keep your feet snugly 3. Hugs and Blowing bubbles fixes most small problems easily 4. Dancing is “Great Exercise, mama!” 5. It is ok to “NEED” park playtime, popcorn, glitter glue, and cartoons in your life 6. Family pizza night is a must 7. Closing your eyes and letting someone yell “SURPRISE!” Is not just for birthdays 8. Making a mess is fun and cathartic 9. Running is better with a ready, set, go start and a cheerleader 10. Love is all that matters Xoxo Skinny

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