There are No Random Meetings…Only Imaginary Friends

Maybe 3-4 years ago or so I friended a young girl Chi on Facebook. She was someone I knew from college English, and Art…or was she?!

The story that unfolds below is inspired, silly, hopeful and maybe a lesson in being the light!

I chatted with Chi occasionally on social media. It has been a joy to watch her career flourish, her family form and her sweet lil daughter grow more fun and beautiful each day.  I was even more excited to see we shared so many interests. We conversed over our daughters birthday party plans…working mommy guilt and other things, but I realized how little I knew of my classmate. During the classes we took together in college I had not learned she was such a talented artist or obsessed with food (particularly cupcakes and sushi) just like me!  We were both in the hospitality world and I knew being a mama and working was draining…it was nice to be inspired by one anothers creativity and mommy ing.

So when I decided to log off of Facebook this year she was one of the lovely people I exchanged addresses and numbers with to stay in better touch.  I learned my friend was now living in Kansas and a mostly stay home mommy like me?! We were on such a similar path… Could we have more in common?

Naturally, I added her to my snailmailrules list and packed up goodies for her.

Imagine my embarrassment, surprise and giggles when I realized we were accidental friends…or were we?!


Only me right? This was not my classmate Chi…but it is my friend Chi! The RANDOM beautiful light I met by accident online?!?

Sheridan promptly started referring to her as my imaginary friend😂😭😱😉  and I began to question my failing mind(hehe!)

Life is sometimes mixed up and chaotic, but we always get what and who we need if we trust the journey…maybe we get lots more!!!


So a few weeks later…I got a message informing me that my NEW friend Chi had things in the works for me and that I should expect a package shortly…This talented diva (who psst has an Etsy shop in the works…whoot whoot😍!) drew this gorgeous lady on the packaging!  This package was exploding with art, stickers, color sheets for Aliyah and even a $5 bill folded into a tiny men’s shirt for her piggy bank I recently made her.  I was touched beyond measure by her thoughtfulness. I was hopeful to know that other young mamas genuinely want to connect with strangers and prove the world is still the kind of place we want our lil Angels to grow up in.


Mostly, I felt lucky to call Chi Mosley my friend😘🙏 and Yes; of course I’ll share her as soon as her Shop opens👍🎨

There is lots of good out there…trust ya’ll find it!

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