I Never Regret a Run

I was up at 2:45 with Aliyah this morning. This was the first time before 8am I thought of canceling my run.  If I let that little defeatist voice in my mind lead me…I’d never get anywhere.

So by 6:30 I was laced up and Aliyah and I were off to meet our running buddy.image

Staying Skinny is the multiplication of small, yet profoundly powerful choices. It was a short

run, but it inspired me to keep it going…yoga, HIIT workout and better food choices.

Keep Skinny thinking…it is a choice!

5 thoughts on “I Never Regret a Run

  1. Hi Ursula, I read the “Nothing can stop me now!” article in for women First. Great article! I passed the One-minute quiz. I am going to look into Glutamine supplements . The article mentions that you use a glutamine holistic fix. Can you refer a brand or store that sales a holistic fix? I want to try the supplement and not get jitters. too.
    Best regards,

    Grace Kochanik

      1. Hello Ursula,

        I am happy to know that other women read your article ” Nothing can stop me now” on
        for Women first article and can relate to your health situation as much as I did. I have been a vegetarian since my teens ( I am 33 now) and as much as I love being a veggie lover I started noticing different changes in my body over time. Just like your self, I did research and read different articles about different symptoms that I was having. I even consulted a acupuncturist. I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and started detoxing my body and taking different supplements. It made a huge impact! Nevertheless, I keep reading and found a different article about the importance of amino acids in our bodies specially for vegans and vegetarians. That was the point in my life that I had the “aha moment”:) I was already supplementing amino acids when I read your article but thanks to your article I learned the importance of glutamine. I take TwinLab amino fuel (anabolic liquid) which does not contain glutamine. I take glutamine supplements on the side.

        Thank you for sharing your story!

  2. hi there! I too read your article in First magazine from May. I JUST picked it up and read it after all this time. The funny thing is the universe must have pointed me to it because my story is the same and I’ve been researching and doing things by trial and error not getting answers from the doctor! So, thank you! I am trying this!! I couldn’t find the brand you mentioned above so I chose a different one and I hope it’s okay! I chose Mother Earth brand clean fit water soluble BCAA with glutamine and B vitamins. It’s a powder. What do you think? Thank you so much! I HOPE this is my answer, wouldn’t that be amazing! 😀

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