Join the Challenge: 40 Ways to Seek Good Things in Yourself and Your Life


Are you tired of your reactive mind leading you to negative places?  Do you want to see the light and goodness in your life daily? Can you spare 5-10 mins a day to smile and act?

Well then this 40 day Challenge is for you!

When life is all smooth sailing it is easy to smile, breath deeply and create space to see yourself and your life as beautiful!  You know the everything’s going MY WAY days.

The trick is how do you do this when the babysitter is late(or there is no sitter for that matter!), people you love are struggling with their health or finances, you have conflict or lethargy at work, the list of bumps in the road goes on and on. This is the question I asked myself this morning.

How do we strike balance in unbalanced circumstances?


negative view: My days are long and my bumps in this years road are plentiful these days.  My family continues to be on a tight budget as we fix things in our house…my dad is still fighting stage 4 cancer…I’m working at Starbucks AGAIN at 36 years old to pay for benefits…

realistically and a positive view point: my days are long and full of beautiful things like yoga, food and friends…my marriage is stronger than ever (getting naked with the hubs is free)…my daughter is happy and healthy…my daddy is still here fighting, laughing and living…I’m blessed enough to work a mere 18 hours a week for Starbucks a company that is insuring me and my loved ones, paying for my last year of my bachelor of Fine Arts and giving me lots of free coffee!!!!

I continue to have a true desire to always be present and grateful, to be lil miss sunshine for those I love, and to be aware of my breath. No small feat somedays!

WANTING is often not enough…

I have probably mentioned before that in 2011 I was pretty much the most contented I’d ever been.

Was life perfect Then-NO.

I was just easier on myself…truly I focused entirely on the good in all things! I made an active practice of culitivating a positive attitude investing time in 100 days of positive activities.

Today as I nervously dropped my lil #loveherface off at preschool I was struck 1st with sadness…but then the balance I try to drive my mind to kicked in.

She is learning and smiling…I have enough free time to post this blog!

Join me tomorrow and over the next 40 days as we learn to shift our thoughts.

Seeking the Good in Our life and ourselves!!!

We are not our circumstances we are pure love!





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