Day 1: Make a Promise to Yourself!

Day 1

imageI don’t know about you, but when I promise someone something I stick to it! Why is it so easy to keep the promises we make to others and not ourselves?? I sometimes set tasks, to-do lists or goals for just me, and I am so quick to shrug them off…or tell myself one day or just a little later.  Thinking of my family or work 1st?!?

We think this is admirable, and it is -sort of- but if we burn out doing for everyone before ourselves…then what?

There are several reasons this is defeating and bad for long term greatness…

  1. I am inadvertently putting my needs and wants last
  2. I feel like a failure when things are left undone
  3. As a role model to my daughter I am teaching her “sacrifice yourself first”

Today I am pledging to make small manageable PROMISES to myself.

It feels great to complete tasks, smash goals and finish things…there is an actual release of serotonin in the brain when we make a check mark or slash through a item on our lists.

Just for today though invite yourself to forget the lists and make a small manageable promise to make yourself feel important…after all your are #1!

*a 5 minute break to breathe

*a 30 min workout

*a coffee (uninterrupted)

*a trip to window shop



What ever fills your life with the feeling of “this is SO great!”

Enjoy…see you tomorrow!


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