Day 2: Don’t Anticipate the End Just Be Present

Day 2

Are you the person who dreads the end? You know you’re on vacation and all you can think about is how in 4 days it will be over?!  Or you just baked the most delicious tray of brownies, but feel sad when there are only 2 left?!

Who cares who’s gonna eat the last freaking brownie!!! Enjoy the one you’re eating right now! Taste it…Share it! Smile about it! Be on vacation…see the sights…relax and make the most of the moment!

We often live so much in anticipation of what comes nextimage that we miss what is happening now!

My father is sick with cancer…I’m not gonna sugar coat it…it fucking sucks! The fact of the matter is I can focus on the fact that he will one day be gone…or I can enjoy my time with him now.  I most certainly choose the later!

Being present to the here and now invites in the calm…it reminds us we have no control over the storms…only our reactions to them.

So savor every bite, vacation site, moment of life as if there won’t be anymore…because really the only thing that matters now is NOW!

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