Day 5: 1 Small Task at A Time…

I have been fighting a head cold since yesterday afternoon, and winning for the most part!

Today I was completely off of work(rarity for me) and I was determined to get my home in order. It was neglected from the chaos of working 10 days straight! On the other hand…resting was necessary too!

So I did away with my mentor to-do list…AGAIN!

I decided to tackle 1 small task. I folded all the laundry. It made me feel calmer and so I sat – ate breakfast my hubby was kind enough to pick up…

After a juice shot and a good meal I felt ready to conquer 1 small task…So I cleaned out a kitchen cabinet…I carried on all day 1 small task…1 small relaxing reward at a time.

My Kitchen is clean, groceries are in the house, cookies were baked and well I am completely ok with the fact that my office is not yet conquered…

I did all I could in a realistic manner while still enjoying my daughter and my day. My body is thankful I did not over do it too.

I may clean this way from now on…I enjoyed it…and the reward system too!


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