Day 7: It is OK to Quit Investing Time and Energy into Takers

imageWe’ve all been there…the one sided relationship. It can be romantic, but often is not.

It seems at first usually that we are helping or even encouraging…but often our efforts and energy is wasted.  And I’m here to tell you it is not the Takers fault…Takers are Gonna Take and Take and Take…IF- we are gullible enough, controlling enough, ego driven enough to give, give, give!

You know who’s life you can make GREAT?! Your own!!! So quit being that girl who has SO much to give and gift yourself permission to let TAKERS take from someone else!

Let’s face it…the signs are always there! Let your energy be invested where it is useful and appreciated! Let your talents be shared with REAL friends and loved ones!  Life is too short to be taken!



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