Day 12: Only The Real Survive


Several weeks ago I set out to Blog 40 days in row on the inviting in of Goodness in life and myself. I wanted to focus on how to see life and myself in the best way possible…it was the task at hand…and it is now Day 12…almost 30 days later…lol…oh gosh…What Happened? REAL LIFE!!!

My Day 12 Tip…Keep it Real to Survive the Fake?!?Only the Real Survive!

The last thing I remember is Aliyah started Preschool, work got busier on all fronts (yoga, parties, balance training) And for Sher too!
Oh yeah and then there is school…like my online classes.
I worked out…my lifeline to sanity😍
Did I mention I still made it to Starbucks 3 days this week?!? (I hate getting up at 4:30am to serve fucking coffee!) I know it is crass, but I cuss…get over it or read another blog👍😱😘 and the benefits are protecting my family future.
Mix all that with my daddy having a major health set back this past weekend…and well…My days of blogging daily are pretty much over in some respects, but I try to post when I can. When I can…should be good enough!?

My post today is all about authenticity…for some reason no one wants to be REAL anymore?! Are we afraid or do we just think FAKE is better tolerated and a way to survive?

“I can’t handle it all…I need help…Fuck this I’m going back to bed…I’d love to, but if I say yes to that I’ll be… “(Insert SCREAM)

I’m suggesting for once we just say it all out loud and then breathe deep and smile.
It all passed the bad, the ugly, the beautiful..,we loose it all…so don’t loose yourself! Do what you can when you can and Do you authentically no matter what!
I truly hope to post again soon.

That’s the Skinny…

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