Deep Awareness:Listen, Touch, Taste, Smell and See It All

I teach a very different kind of class in some local treatment centers.

I call it “5 Senses Awareness”.

We make fun aromatherapy things, we cook stuff that is healthy and delicious…We Breathe Deep and Punch Hard…we discuss Self Care…but this group…this class…is REALLY about awareness. We tune in to our 5 senses by using different coping tools to SLOW DOWN.

My core desires are driving me more and more…minute by minute…to taste intense flavors, sing out loud with my favorite beats, smell the Roses, feel the things I touch, see the beauty in this moment…to be here now!!!

In the last 6 months I have been really focusing on this in my own life more because of what I am teaching.

Who I am engaging with, what I feel is driving me to ENJOY my life through AWARENESS.

I am feeling calm, secure and free. Mellow even!

Engaging in the here and now…saying NO more, saying YES to the fun deliciousness of life, allowing myself the space I’ve always gifted others to be really authentic…even finding TRUE gratitude for a broken hand.

These exercises are meditations of sorts, but more than anything they are coping skills for living.

It is super easy in some areas of life to be aware(Present) and yet super complicated in others.

Listening means to actually hear.

One of the greatest techniques I learned in my yoga teacher training was to really filter what I listen to.  This includes media, music and other people.

Through Deep listening I have learned I feel stressed out in the presence of  negative people (so I avoid them) I can know someone’s character in 5-6 sentences (so if my instinct says move on I do) and who I work for can increase or decrease my inspiration. (I have super choosy with the work I do and I love my current clientele… Because listening to their feedback makes me smile.)

Touching Connects Us to Energy to Life Inself

Touching is allowing me to free up some time for what matters in life my loves(Sher, Aliyah and Tommy) Has made for the best Sex of my life, the ability to parent in a mellow and messy(creative) way, the bliss of seeing the world through the eyes of a dog…Nature…Fitness and ART!

Just for today Listen intently to everything you hear…and make notes of things you maybe missed it ignored before and how you felt…

Just for today touch different textures, hug longer, kiss deeper, use your fingers to paint or take a longer shower feeling the water…note how you feel more connected…

To Be Continued…



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