3 Lessons I learned from Bubble Baths

I am writing to you as I soak in my 4th bubble bath this week😱

I know it sounds SO glamorous-Right?

…just like most things in social media today it depends on how you look at it. Friday I took a bubble bath that my 4 year old crashed half way through (Sweet but colder water had to added)…Saturday I took a bubble bath because I was fighting a mild cold…Sunday I took a cold and toy filled bubble bath again with my lil one because “how dare I relax without rubber ducks and frogs” (6 to be exact!) and today I’m taking the ACTUAL bubble bath that tired workers and mommies dream about!!!

Lesson 1: Never give up! What you want is possible even if it’s as simple uninterrupted bath.

Lesson 2: Wabi Sabi is my word of the year…because looking for the beauty in it all is truly what makes us ALIVE! And get to the 4th attempt in the bath.

Lesson 3: This year let one of your goals be to be inspired by and not distracted by what others SEEM to have, do, or don’t do…we’re all doing the best we can!

Always be Humble and Kind!

That’s The Skinny Round Here!

xo Ursulaimg_3965

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