Can I Get a Mommy Moment? Please!

Wow! So there was a long pause here on the blog…My life on the whole is a beautiful symphony some amazing highs and some growth from the lows.  I am happy to report I spend most of my time and energy these days on people I love, things I want to do or like doing.   This makes me feel like I’m really writing my own story, even if I’m not writing or posting to this blog much. I am a lil sad about not posting a few times a week. I love having the record of life.

I love writing! I used to be in my high school literary club(yeah over 20 years ago), write lots of poetry and have a memoir I’ve been working on for years.

I could write a whole list of “I used to…s”. The truth is I wanted to write a post today about being a mom and time management.  I’m in no way claiming to be an expert on either topic…but I felt like if nothing else I’d be blogging.  And maybe some of you have tips for me or can relate to needing more personal free time!?

My hours of free time are so limited now a days and my time to socialize is often filled with my daughters friends parents…most of which I love…but I did already have friends of my own. And sadly I’m too exhausted most nights to meet them for a drink or even a salad.  I’m partly writing this post to convey to my childrenless friends that I love them…I miss them and it’s not that I wouldn’t  love to meet frencquently.  I just literally CANNOT do it all. There I said it…I’m tired of never being alone.  I go to Starbucks most mornings to get the silent car ride -not because I can’t make the fucking cup of coffee. Did you know Most mom friends report to me they never pee alone!!!

If I met all my friends, all my daughters friends, worked and made time for my husband every week…even every month.  I’d never get a moment alone.  What a blessing right…SO many awesome people to be with?!?

It is to some degree and to some degree it’s the reason I have 1 child…with 2 activities a week…and I’m time blocking my whole week Monday-Friday…I know you multiple kid moms are like…Girl please…but I’m maxed out most days and it’s totally the reason that -yes- I’m busy next weekend (not really…please don’t tell).

Okay, so now that all you moms are saying tell me something I don’t know?!?

I’ll admit I did some research on this topic and…So there are some not so easy ways I know to steal back time and even a few easy ones.

1- Join the 5am Club! I know! I know! brutal wake up time…but the benefits are stellar…It gives most moms (of kids over age 3) an hour alone in quiet everyday. That’s right my friends your day actually can start in quiet on your terms.

This could be made into a close of day ritual if you are a vampire…stay up 1 hour later for just you.

2-Time Block with your co-parent, spouse, or another single mom/dad friend for the necessities…workout time, work time, cleaning and miscellaneous things.

3-Work from home…lots of woman like my friend Hannah are choosing to work with companies like Rodan and Fields. They are affording woman the time to create a new kind of balance between work and life. (She can teach you more if you’re interested comment below)

4-Schedule your lil to dos (like this blog) into your child’s lesson time…so while I wait at Jiu Jitsu 3 hours a week…now I can produce the content I want…no brainer?!?

5-Run away from home(kidding)…sort of…talk to some of those mom friends and cut out time for each other💗 Trade kids and free time!

The bottom line at 5 years into this parenting thing, I’m finally learning. Most moms are grateful you are busy too and know that saying “no” often isn’t personal. Booking play dates with moms I love is always better for everyone and allows for all relationships to grow. I’m sure with bigger kids bigger issues will arise…So I’m holding on to the moments I get with my #loveherface and I’m grateful for each hurdle and the lessons- all of them.

Please share your mommy moment tips in comments below…and cut your mom friends and yourself some slack.


That’s the Skinny Today…


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