Being Mindful…Or at least Trying…

The days that I focus on being mindful are the easiest days of my life.  Being mindful is a skill that you must hone.  Practicing meditation and yoga help me to stay mindful of my surroundings, but there are distractions all around us; they can draw us away from the self.  There are many visual and sound prompts around us.  These things make us have a thought or emotion.  These things are as simple as your screen saver and as unavoidable us scents in an office break room.

Today try to find things…no matter how small…that you can use as tools of mindfulness.  I added the ocean scene and streamline look to this blog.  I feel relaxed by the layout and the photo draws me to daydream about happy beach vacations(wow…meditation in a blog).

Make a meditation spot anywhere!  Simplify!



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