stressDADA DADUM DADA DADUMs Away…Top 10 De-Stressors!

I was happy to spend the better part of my day celebrating my friends birthday with her…but just like yesterday the lil annoying chores creep in…AHH! LOL…I like it is really lame that when I am not home my hubby and puppy fast…I used to think that depending on me was so sweet…now it has gotten out of hand.
There are only so many hours in the day…It is hard to be wife, friend, runner, yogini, chef, maid, lab owner, bakery owner, caterer, cooking teacher, patient(did I mention I had to see the MD today too!)…ok just this list is exhausting:)

Ok so the point of all this rambling is I need to de-stress…clearly…
So here they are my top 10 De-Stressors:
1*Bubble Bath
2*Sun Salutes or 5 Tibetans
3*Hot Tea (Sweet Orange:)
4*Walk with my Puppy(pending weather:)
5*Running a mile
6*Boxing(yes I have Pink gloves:)
7*A good scream(hiding in closet will avaoid scaring people)
8*Lavender(we are talking Soma’s)
9*Laying on the Beach (any weather:)

This list is in no particular order:) Try these…Send me yours…or just try to know someone with a birthday everyday!:)

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