The only constant!

The only constant in life…is change…or so the saying goes…but things can be constant and true and so can people!  This week has been full of emotional highs and lows!  And this new year sure has been eventful already!!! 

I am constant… working and playing as hard as I can!  My SAINTS just won the superbowl… their determination was constant! WOOHOO! I take care of myself, hubby and our puppy whom I love almost constantly…lol.

I run 3 businesses…all of which I love for different reasons and all of which I try to stay at the top of the game with constantly:) I belong to Sierra, Surf Rider, Free Tibet, and others…I am a part-time student and full-time teacher of cooking:) all in all I love my life for the constants and the change!!!  Eb and Flow…

 I don’t know if I’d have this outlook if not for having outlets to relieve stress when it all becomes to much. (yoga, running, lifting weights-need to do more of this-) Hopefully, after this post!

Today was an Eat all the Frogs kind of a day!! Call about bills, make MD appts, answer emails, wash dishes…ya get the picture…These lil things are annoying, but I try to remind myself that in the grand sceme of it all these things are just Frogs:) I eat em and move on.  So the only constant is that ya can change your mood and attitude with a healthy lifestyle:)

Join the Movement…become part of our CUPCAKE CHALLENGE TODAY!!!

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