Salute a hiding Sun too!

There is nothing more relaxing on a dreary day than Saluting the Sun. I like too do variations of the same sequence adding one new pose each time…balancing left/right to 10.
Today’s class was enlightening for the group(I hope) and myself too. We have embarked on a journey with Yoga Journal Feb2010…AIM HIGH…is a great article this week we are working on finding our Dharma”life purpose”. I like to think my dharma is to do charity work and inspire others to help themselves in order to have the skills to help others.
This lecture in class did also temporarily cause my mind to wonder to Dharma and Greg (that was a really good show)lol…luckily when ya are the teacher ya have to remind mindful and pressent…or everyone is lost.
The flow of Sun Salutes today showed me some of my students have a Dharma to be yogini’s. I hope they get as much out of it as I get from the energy they put into it.
If ya would like to do this journey with us…light a candle…breathe deep and look within to find all your Dharmas.
My Dharma this March is to Run/Walk with Purpose…

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