Day 8…I Made It!

Day 8…I woke to my positive blog too negative feeling with a bad stomach ache;( and a lack luster attitude( not myself at all!) CRAMPS…whatever…not very positive…pushed my run back, but I got it done…Yes! 
It was not an easy day…
And I have 2 write myself two citations from yesterday…one for cursing in traffic(it was a sheer lack of patience…and I was in no hurry, but managed to tank my mood in like 2 sec!) always a quick recovery…still scary how this happens without thought. And also for being aloof to someone I love…this one is questionable…but I hurt someone’s feelings so…

I ended the day on a better note”) …Today I will revisit a dream from my past.  I will write down the dream(goal) and commit to a timeline for fulfilling it.

1. I really want to Re-Group…my business does not really inspire me lately and I want to work on my brewing projects! OwlandElephant

2. I will create a posse(team) of cheerleaders to help me meet this goal. 
*1-3 people who inspire, drive and love u!!! List their names on your paper in a creative way…oh, and make sure they are on board!

Sending requests for help…will keep
Ya posted!

3. Finally, remind yourself of 3 things ya have already accomplished that ya once only dreamed of… SEE ya are a Success!!!

1. I survived losing my 1st love and was blessed enough to find true love again.

2. I became a certified yoga teacher and help others with their anxiety and depression.

3. I have been published in several magazines and newspapers for my cooking talents. 

I am proud of how I pushed through today…having tools to pull me out of negative foggy thinking is a gift…I am thankful for these exercises and all of y’all!

Keep Trying… keep skinny…


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