Learning to Focus on What Matters Most

I was feeling pretty awful yesterday…I tried to go about a normal day(2mile run, breakfast out…)I managed well until about 1pm. My head at that point felt like it might explode!!! Ahh! So I gave in to napping, cuddling my boys and a movie”)
X-Men First Class…a nice lil distraction. Success!
Today I woke up a little tired and know that my physical body/mental body are on 2 separate wave lengths…bummer! Ok, whiny Ursula…what’s your point?!
Today’s Section starts us on a journey of Positive Activities for Family and Personal Life”) I have been looking forward to this Section…because I love family time and my personal life is already abundantly filled with JOY! This is a practice I have only fully had a handle on since I decided summer could be lazy”) but a review is coming just in the nick of time…

Today I need this section, because I find it hard to break away from work routine(even when I am run down and clearly need a rest I want to do it all!)
It is essential to spend down time with your self and family…and no your yoga class, run and dinner out don’t count…SORRY!
Don’t misunderstand…Savasana, cooking as a family(home) and meditation in your own space would all fall into this
model. We are so hurried as a society that we often leap before looking, or just fill every second of our day with
things meant to help, but consequently run ourselves down.

Day 31 Take care of Family and your Personal Life 1st!!!!

If you and your family are centered, relaxed and positive
you will attract those type of wonderful outside people and interests. If ya put all that last…boy will trouble follow and fast! PS anyone who does not get this…they are not a true friend!

The idea is to have no outside distractions, movements that cause us to strain and no hyper focus on others problems!!!

1. Make a weekly appointment with your kids, hubby, and rents. A game night, a meal time ya prep for together, an outing in nature(eg. Beach,park,etc)
Don’t invite outsiders and try to be OPEN and POSITIVE!

2. What brings ya joy? Gardening, Reading, Meditating, practicing piano??
Spend no less than 2 hours every 3 days this week enjoying your personal life at home”)

Stephi makes and sells these for charity,,,worthy personal time, indeed

I realize this is only one aspect of this section…gotta start somewhere, dont worry we have 10 days to get to entertaining and pub hops”)


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