Put Your Big Girl Panties On…And Stay Focused! Day 98

Day 98 Stay Focused!

I have been fighting a flu? Allergy? Something for the past 3 days…it sucks…but I refuse to let it rule me! I am focused on positive attitude and next week (4 holiday Parties?!?)
Can you say so much work to do?

This morning I got up and worked out in-spite of this yucky runny nose, I ran 2.2 and did 50 pushups.
I felt great for an hour…but as soon as I sit…IT CONSUMES me!

Pushing on can be hard, but rewarding…

Day 98 Stay the Course…Be Focused!

Another words…put on your big girl panties…
Whatever we face is fleeting…so live in the present…taking on one challenge at a time…then moving to the next…focusing only on it…and so on…

1. Remember completing tasks builds positive self esteem”)

2. Remember nothing lasts forever.

3. Remember positive attitude is always a choice!!! ALWAYS!!!

The hand holding is coming to an end…how are you preparing to go it alone??


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