30 Days of Meditation: Day 3 Jogging Meditation

IMG_1623Jogging Meditation?

oh the places your mind will go while doing Cardio! Hehe!
Today I used meditation to stay the course on my run. I have learned to use mantras to my advantage in many parts of my life.
Not unlike the lil engine that could “I think I can…I think I can”
Repeating a mantra is a focal part of some meditations. It can be used to center you, steer your intention and clear the mind.
Mantra meditation is a great way to make it through a tough challenge like my cardio today.  I lifted in between each sprint…and it got harder and harder to get back on!

Try repeating a phrase of motivation over and over during your next big challenge…you can be your own cheer leader.
Only you can change your thoughts…and that can change your life!


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