I’m A FireStarter…Twisted FireStarter

Yesterday morning I sat down and hashed out a plan to bring my old assistant back on board(Sweet!), decided to share kitchen space part-time with my amazing friends at The Beat Cup(Sweeter) and scheduled my awesome sitter 2 days a week so I can get back to Yoga as a student on the regular (Sweetest)…I was feeling on top of the world. Can life get any better?

I realized today after check ins with my posse…I’m actually more stoked for their progress! This group is SO inspiring and I’m SO proud I lit this match…BECAUSE we have started some pretty huge fires this week!

Want to see 1st hand??  Check out http://www.antisparkle.com/ there is a new look and an ever closer look at Artist Monique’s vision… http://www.sparklecollective.com/ Follow NatashiMarie.com and gain a true understanding of how to dress your body type this week http://www.natashimarie.com/apps/blog.  Looking for a fun activity for your kiddies this summer check out all the classes http://www.zenerationsofboca.com/kids-classes/ are offering. (My Aliyah Loves their sensory story times) Mondays can be Meatless and easy http://theveggiexpress.com/ follow the food truck:)

Claudia is working hard to keep us all inspired… http://addicted2success.com/success-advice/how-to-properly-define-your-passions-purpose/ while working full time, surfing and getting her real estate  license. Can you say BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE?!?

I am, l as you well know if you follow this blog; a list maker, a goal setter…it’s in my DNA.

So as I started to move forward on next weeks goals…my new site, my new SUP paddle classes, and SO much more I am eager to share…I could not help but look back too. This lil list made me smile…

I saw Patzi Friday and Today…I am working hard on my Savor Saving and ballet is on the schedule for this week (still limited by surgery restrictions…but just try and keep me still) lol

I start a new SUP yoga in 2 weeks and well I am trying hard not to beat myself up about body fat until I finish nursing:)

Remember KeepingSkinny can be Mind focused too!



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