30 Days 30 New Gurus Day 1: Climbing out of a Yoga Rut and Making new Habits

September 2013

     I went to an Aerial yoga class last week. It was fun!!! Super Fun even, but more importantly I had an Ahh Ha moment. You know that moment when you literally feel only your physical self is still in the room working…you know you were present in the moment and yet you can’t recall it…and it is a very good feeling!
My teacher friend Rebecca mentioned she feels this in every class she takes with a certain teacher. Really??? What was I doing wrong?
In the midst of hanging upside down like spiderman…I felt it started to open me up…in a new way…I recalled a recent class where I resisted a teachers style and ironically the universe served her up again:) And as I remained open the 2nd time I truly enjoyed the practice she led.
And then as I swung into flying Superman…it dawned on me(light bulb, lighten-bolt, crash) I was in a yoga rut. Oh my! Had my students noticed?!? Because my body really had not?!? I was Going through the motions of my regular every other day practice. I was teaching a few new poses here and there, sharing yoga nuggets and well it felt quite normal…until the middle of this class. Thanks Heidi for the challenges, the patience and for making it look effortless! I left this class with a renewed ❤ of yoga and all it can offer…If we remain open.
     And SO it had begun…my Mission to climb out of my yoga rut and make some new habits. How you ask? 
Naturally by trying more new classes, styles, and studios…30 Days and 30 New Gurus.
And today is Day 1…Sweet and Slow Class…Since it is a holiday weekend and a Sunday…
I took this opportunity to do a home practice with a new instructor for YogaToday.com.
It was a stretch for Active Athletes  Class with Simon.  Aliyah (my almost 11 month old) was having a blast watching me, at the end she joined me on the mat and practiced mimicking a few asanas”) This was the best part!
This class was a bit slower of a practice than I typically enjoy, but I know it is important as a Type A girl to embrace this yin style from time to time. 
It was empowering to start with a home practice and nice not to have to drive home after proper savasana. My journey over the next 30 days will I am sure test me and teach me beyond what I can imagine…And I am excited for the ride!

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