30 Days 30 New Gurus Day 2: Better at Home than Not at All



    It has been said many times “yoga is an evolution-not a revolution”
So as I did my 2nd class of 30 Days 30 Gurus at home (Again) I tried to remain open and patient with myself and my schedule.
Todays class was from YogaGlo.com
I started my session at 7pm and practiced 30 minutes. 
* side note to self-I need a new thicker mat to practice on this tile at home…want knees to remain happy”)
I know these online classes serve an important population. When I started my yoga journey I was over weight and too shy to practice outside of my home.  Yogatoday.com was a great resource and is still my favorite for home practice.
Now as a new mom I see the value of online offerings in a different light.
After nursing, spending the day in the pool and cooking lots of yummy vegan food for the holiday…I was exhausted…So there is a sense of pride I am filled with as I followed through on this holiday.
Today’s take away- Better to Practice Yoga Anywhere for any length of time than not at all!

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