No Sugar…Wait WHAT???

Owning your own business can be a real mess!  It requires ya to stay on top of many items, people and hairy situations…It can be just plain stressful! 

In light of the fact that we are at the height of season and I am still experiencing some business growing pains…major PAINS!   I decided to use this as a wake up call to destress my body in other ways.  The first of which will kill me or strengthen me beyond my imagination…GIVING UP REFINED SUGARS…

Yes, ya heard right…no Russel Stovers jelly beans, no vanilla soy, no cereals or breads unless they are homemade…NO SUGAR!!!!

I have to admit as healthy as I eat; I still consume a monster amount of sugar.  I am not proud of the fact and realize it reaks havoc on my sinuses, thighs and my mood as I crash from my morning decaf soy latte or my afternoon Steaz Green Tea Rootbeer.

In the last few weeks: I have taken up Ballet again, training for a 10k or 2:), met my BFF for dinner, decluttered my office(twice) and registered for tai chi all in an attempt to lower my stress levels…but as we all know and sometimes choose to ignore diet is everything.

The food we take in fuels our body, mind and spirit!  So here I go…Stealcut  oats and blueberries to start a perfect(I hope) 14 days…who knows maybe I can get this to stick!!!

I challenge ya all to join me! And let me know how it makes ya feel and I will keep ya posted as I continue keepingskinny!

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