Starting Over…

If ya aren’t a quitter…sometimes ya just have to start over! I am positive and eager this am to get my fresh start. After 1.5 weeks of dental drama and the flu it feels great to lace up my running shoes and hit the beach!

On the other hand my stomach is now turning on me…because exercise is not all that is starting over for me! I feel happy that so many of my goals and business endeavors have been a success, and yet now it is time to revamp and say
goodbye to what isn’t. Many times people focus all their energy in one area and it has huge benefits…like seeing something complete timely and knowing where ya
I was never able to do it this way…I like having many projects going all at once…I want to share all my talents and express all my creativity! It would be ideal if everything I started made major cash!!!! Let’s be real though…it can’t happen all the time.
So today as I start back to working out… I am also saying good bye to selling cupcakes, and hello to building 2 new etsy stores and my yoga school”)
I grieve only the small loss of $ and time…and look forward with excitement to these new projects”)
This new start also comes with a 2 year timeline and a budget! Everytime ya start new or over ya should take what ya learned that was working from the last project”). Fresh starts can be well…so Fresh!!!
Now I will keep ya posted as we more forward and hopefully give ya some great tips on Fresh Starts.

With regard to workouts…
1. Start Easier( don’t over do it on first day back ) my 6 mile run was 2 on Saturday and will be 3 today )
2. Breathe and allow your muscles to get a lil soar
3. Drink lots of H2O
4. Smile
5. Use your most motivating music

In business…
1. Set a budget
2. Make a break even calendar
3. Believe in and like what ya do
4. Smile
5. Work on a schedule to balance work and Play…
Keeping check of your life and business helps one keep skinny!!!

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