Motivating to Keep Skinny!

I just finished a 5 mile run with my friend Julie and I feel like a million bucks! Hard to remember a time when I loathed
exercising…running especially!!! Now I run 6 days a week and have started training for my 1st 13.1. I had so much loving support building up to my long runs(9 miles being my best as if now) my mom(who started nagging me at 12)…should of listened…oh well…better late… my lil sister Marietta who is a much better runner than she may realize, my friend Erin who trained for my 3rd 5K with me, my friend Jessica from high school who is gonna run Boston!(wow!)and always posts her mileage (puke stories and all<3)inspiring me to push to that next mile marker!
Running is a mental exercise as much as physical…without confidence…your mind quits long before your legs!
Motivating myself was the reason I started this blog…but motivating others brings me soooooooo
much more joy!!! And even better still when I see friends using my blog to motivate others…well…Pride, Gush, Gush,Smile, more Pride…(thanks Cathy)…it is over whelmingly hard not to stay motivated with all that POSITIVE
Which brings me to the final Attitude Diet Post and what a week this was…I learned I am pretty positive, but my speech does not always reflect that optimism?!
My do over day was 98% effective and keeping the day one log of wonderful things helped keep my tongue in check.
I am actually really diggin the list keeping…it has been an excellent and easy tool for seeing the good around me, in myself and in others. This part of the diet I plan to continue for the next few months until I feel my thoughts and habits are tweaked for good!
I think my mind lost 40lbs this week! WooHoo! I’ll take it!
After all if we keep our mind right our bodies can stay tight.
Keep Positive, keep motivating(self and others) and keep skinny!


The List:

50 Things Wonderful Saturday…

1.sunshine with Julie
3.set great pace
4.1st yoga post done club selections under way
6.blueberry:Peach protein shake
7.cold ac not busy Saturday
9.KS post done
10.walks(2 already) with Tommy love to create art…tbc

12.great lesson pic from Cathy
13.great Steve Martin Movies on ABC family
14.chatted with mom and a corona(happy hour day)
16.arts and crafts time
What to make???

17.drew some brew art
18.made fabric buttons
19.emailed blog photos
20.3P Diet plan
21.found great Pecan waffle recipe
22.writing yoga Curriculum fathers day cards written
24.vegan dogs, Herbed Fries and snap pea succotash
25.decaf almond milk latte
26.fathers day brunch shopping list done
27.made 4 types of fudge for Sher
28.made craft list for Michael’s

Saturdays big finish
29.Cathy spreading the word on the attitude diet
30.realizing I am free to chill the rest of the day
31.comfy sofa
32.warm bed
33.I have 4 dads to celebrate with(wow…lucky!)
34.being a grown up is as fun as being a kid but we get a say so pink paper straw
36.discovery channel
37.hand me down t shirts from meg
38.chatting with J about running
39.seeing a great Jessica running post
40.finding out I have no reason to just loose toe nails(lol)
41.getting excited over our sci-fi. Book club read
42.hearing my nieces started ballet(yay ab and bi)
43.making our vacation menu
44.only 3 weeks until vaca!
45.seeing pics of Cathy’s Oreo chocolate chip cookies
46.starting back to boxing tomorrow
48.more music
49.I can hear the music

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