Starting Fresh…3Ps Diet…Setting one goal with PASSION!

This run looks amazing! I have always loved hot air balloons…not New Jeresy(sorry), but 5Ks for me are now actually a fun run…Something I can get Passionate about with ease!

I know that a new group of attitude dieters started this am:)

WOOHOO! Good for yall!

And so I thought I’d continue along while also starting my 3Ps Diet which is actually not a diet at all because instead of taking out…we are adding in…ONLY GOOD STUFF!  My name sake Ursula Mathieu(paternal great grand mother) said her success in business(she owned the 1st Hat shop in NOLA) and family was becuase she had these 3 Ps…

So I started my 50 list this am just like I brushed my teeth(habit, I am thinking so) and responded to a few friends who thing my day is amazingly full…it is POSITIVELY full:) (thanks to our attitude diet!) But there amazement (or amusement) only motivates me more…THANKS Ev and Arlene,

But let’s not just go through the motions of a positive list…LET’S Really LIVE IT UP!!!!With PASSION>>>PATIENCE>>>AND PERSEVERANCE…the 3 Ps.

I am starting by finding ways to be passionate about the things in life that are good for me…like running…I registered for my 13.1 and I am all about the balloon race(that I can get excited for!)

So here I go again………

DAY 1 PASSIONS And How TO Drive them…

Running:  register for one race every 6 months…a fun one…with free t shirts:)

Family:  make the summer down time a way to engage in play time with Tommy and Sher at beach, park, and other fun get sunshine places

Work/education: Started Summer reading group with Rachel, learning about brewing, owls and yoga certification rules

Food:   Spending Summer testing new recipe every Sunday…cooking more for me than clients

Meditation: Time alone (all ONE) to rest the mind…in my garden

Arts and Crafts:  Finish Summer wreath and 5K art

Gardening:  Add to the front bed…when the rain comes next…

Sports:  put the gloves back on and box in the back deck room (relieve stress the right way)

Helping improve the world:  Volunteering for Happy Tails Dog Rescue

 So, just like all lists and ME it is a work in progress!

I find as I age it is easy to think there isn’t time for Passion(PLAY)…hog wash!!!

Passion is an essential part of JOY! SO if ya have not gotten enough out of your past summers this diet is for you! Start that list today and let it grow all week as we pledge to live the 3Ps starting with passion!

Staying Passionate about Keeping Skinny has taken us this far…




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