Ya Don’t Need Money to Make a Difference! Day 59

Yesterday’s Homework:
Following a 5 min meditation I realized…

The 5 things I want most right now are:
1. My lil sister to have an easy delivery of her 1st baby in December
2. Gary Johnson to at least be considered as our next President(google him people)
3. My life to remain as good as it is now(I have some control over this!)
4. The War to End(yesterday!)
5. Sheridan to Run my Birthday race with me(he’s pretty much agreed)

See…these weren’t even what I thought they’d be”) hehe

As OWS gains cities and momentum I am careful to note we are watching history here! Whether ya agree or disagree with their position, I think it is safe to say change is coming…and that change is what usually scares people…but they must realize money is not change!!!
I heard a great quote by Johnny Depp last night: ❤ his talent and his honesty!
"Money doesn't change people, It reveals them!"
I thought-WOW-is he right! Look at people like Jack Johnson, Drew Brees and Reese Witherspoon…all RICH and using that $ to make a difference in the collective world around them…something they did before the $…it's just grown as their wealth has…Karma I think…but anyways…
Jack is committed to low carbon foot print concerts, Drew helped rebuild my beloved New Orleans (physically and spiritually)
And Reese is fighting for Woman's Rights on a global scale!
It has me thinking this morning…$ is not their motivating factor…like most of the OWS people they are just shooting for a better world!

How would ya be revealed if ya won the lottery today?

Day 59 Ya Don't Have to Be RICH to Help Make the World Better!

1. Give of your time…listen to someone who needs an ear, help with a home maintenance project, carry someone's books…etc
Do this 2x or more this week!

2. Pay it forward…if ya are blessed with extra $…share it…start setting a side a nickel a day for a cause of your choice…
Maybe for your religious organization, a prom dress for someone in need, a babysitter or house keeper for a stressed single mom…etc

3. If ya are able-hire someone this week! Providing work is so necessary right now!!!!

I woke up today -day 6-of my receiving project asking -What can I give???
And smiled at what this revealed about me")


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