…Cause Ya Gotta Have Friends!!! Day 75

Day 75… 3/4 of the way to a Positive Attitude”) Just so we’re clear I couldn’t do this without all of y’all!

When I began this journey I wasn’t sure what would come of it. I hoped my attitude would change a little more for the better. I hoped I’d persevere no matter the days/weeks challenges.  I couldn’t have imagined how truly inspired I’d get or how much others would support me(thanks for your post yesterday Stephi!)

Facebook has been a fun tool in my efforts to involve and inspire friends.  Some of ya are now exercising, eating better and even taking on new endeavors like business with sparkle, shine and superb attitude. I am so proud of Asia, Misty, Stephi, Arlene, Hope, Claudia, Cathy and all of y’all who are trying to improve your attitude, world and self! 
Heck, I am so glad to have each of ya to inspire me daily!

Day 75
It Can Be Done Alone…But Why Not Share the Truth!

1. Team mates Rule! Who’s on your team? How can ya help them reach goals? What do ya ask of them for yourself!?

2. I vow to never isolate myself from my truth, Friends, and Family.
We all need others sometimes!
Make a weekly/monthly date with 5 people who are important!

3. Write Thank you notes…Stephi had me in tears after reading her gracious blog…she had the drive all along…I merely provided extra gas…but a thank you that is unexpected will make your day!
Mail these…make them personal and true”)


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