Meditation…Breathe, Stretch, and Smile…Before you Think!

There is a nice little slice of quite in your waking hour that should not be taken for granted!

I woke this am twice…once from a sweet kiss my hubby left as he went out to work…and then again about 15 minutes later when my dog started to nudge me out of bed to walk him”)
That lil space in between was a perfect opportunity for meditation!
15 mins of uninterrupted breathing, lite stretching and reflecting can be just what ya need to start a good day.  I like to envision how happy, and productive I’ll get to be.
Today I’m testing out my new newton’s, doing some work from home, having my ac cleaned and enjoying a cozy dinner with a good friend later(lots to look forward to)…
Each new day presents us with possibilities: lessons, adventures, accomplishments, and So much more if we allow the calm in.
We often are taught think before you speak(good one)
Today I invite you to breathe, stretch and smile before ya think! Notice  how much sweeter those thoughts become.  Feel the calm and plan your day mentally with an open mind and heart.
Skinny with a Bump

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