“Enjoy the Last Few Weeks!!!!!!” or At Least Keep A Positive Attitude

“Enjoy this last few weeks!” that’s what THEY (mother’s I know) tell me. And I know it is all WELL meaning:)

My inner voice chuckles…Are you kidding with this belly?!? Lol! Waking with heartburn or sickness between 1-3 am almost daily not my idea of enjoyable?!?
And yes, I realize the baby will be waking me more often (but at least at that point my hubby will have 1/2 the responsibility”) Woohoo!

Any how, I have to admit the 3rd trimester has been my good one.  (the only good one!) I got my sanity back (even without being able to run-SHOCKING!) I have been swimming laps in the pool and did my last paddle about 10 days ago. And in spite of the tummy issues being worse(everything just gets so squished in there!!!) I am optimistic about getting back to it all 6 weeks after delivery per ACSM. I can’t wait for my stomach and bowels to move back into place and work again”) Oh, the joys of pregnancy…hehe!


At least in this last trimester I have smiled, nested, become closer to my hubby and the baby I am growing(Aliyah and is she ever growing!) She has nice long bone structure like her daddy”) WMBA here we come? lol…

This sanity has been a nice relief as I have slowed my exercise so much I worried I might lose my mind and gain additional unwanted weight! Ahh! Keeping Skinny Pregnant is a challenge.  Often woman see it as a feeding frenzy free for all…but that weight does not just fall off when the baby pops out!!! Luckily, my tools were in place and my body fit so I have managed not to worry too much.

Worry is SO wasteful! I am a healthy 30lbs up at 38.5 weeks and as far as my mind is concerned I feel strong and proud just for continuing to move even at this lesser pace. Hell, some people don’t move when they are not preggars!
So-yay me!!!

Which brings me to one of my favorite themes again for this post: EXCUSES!
I’ve heard them all…used most…they get us no where?!? We know better. We exercise= we feel good, we skip the workout= we feel defeated, tired, deflated, failure even…
You Will NEVER regret a workout you show up for!!!!

Quit telling yourself any of the following!!!:

I can’t because I’ve gained too much weight, I can’t because of work schedule, I can’t because I have kids, I can’t because I’m pregnant?!? I’m embarrassed for others to see me try?!?

WOW! Get it together people! Hire a trainer, babysitter, enlist a coach or friend, beg an in law to sit with kids or better yet if they are over 5 years old…get fit with them!!!!! Make it a daily priority for you, your health and more importantly your mind! So while I have touched on your mind…I’ve decided to strength mine again too…The Attitude Diet begins again…See tomorrow’s post or info on FB:)

So as I sit wide awake  @ 4:14 am and try to ignore my still growing belly and tummy ache…I’ve already begun to plan not only tomorrow’s exercise:
A Swim in pool (still making it 20 laps:) if not raining…a walk in mall(yes, with the AC) if raining;
But also what I plan to do to KeepSkinny post birth: Seriously, I can’t believe this is what I now look forward to…See ANYTHING’S Possible!!! And you will learn to love and appreciate exercise too! It takes time to learn how much exercise can do for your life/mind…hang in there it gets SO great!

Post Baby Plan:
Realistically, walking and strolling Aliyah will be my week 1-5, but then I have mad plans to…
RUN, as soon as physically possible of course!!! Nov 13.1…here I come”)
Take up Aerial Yoga
And finally when I’m healed start my long over due polo lessons”)

I can’t wait to get back to fitness at the level I left before Aliyah and I can’t wait to teach her from a young age to
Keep Healthy and Skinny so she never has to make excuses or feel like less then she is! You are worth it too…get moving!  Get listing those positives daily and Carpe Diem!


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