2012 Attitude Diet…4 Days to a Happier YOU!


Good Morning!!! Well, it will be because we’ve decided it! Today starts this years attitude diet.
It’s easy to be positive when life is good.
Is life good? It is if you deem it so…seek those parts and try to manage the rest with POSITIVE ATTITUDE!

So here goes EVERYTHING! Positive Attitude Diet Day 1: Fill your mind with positives thoughts.
Today we will list 50 positive things!
Look for them…think positive, read positive, do positive things all day and log them to remind yourself how great you are!!!!

If you encounter a negative…and u WILL! Greet it with a positive response. Laugh at it, challenge it, ignore it if you must! If it is a BIG one don’t give it too much time before you move back to positive thoughts!

Attitude is the driving force behind all we think say and do…control your thoughts today and watch how amazing you will feel by days end! Learn to make this a habit and WOw!  Last year I did this exercise for 50+ days! It was a perfect check in with myself and allowed me to enjoy the littlest of things…I found positive attitude in folding laundry, finishing hard workouts, and returned to fun hobbies like painting and singing in the shower”)

Day 1 Year 2

1. Woke up early
2. Blogging about good stuff
3. Chocolate orgain shake for breakfast
4. Party planning later
5. Watching Sher and Tommy sleep peacefully
6. No flying Ants this am”)
7. Marietta booked a ticket to visit”)
8. Lots of yummy homemade soups in fridge
9. Made it through another work week pregnant
10. Still no stretch marks”p
11. Seeing Michelle later
12. Feeling energized
13. Newest Client is SUPER happy
14. Sher saw a baby shark yesterday-wow!
15. Survived eating Mexican for dinner last night
16. Slept pretty well
17. Family keeps checking in”)
18. Cooking class schedule done and going to print today”)

Ok, that’s a good start…it’s simple…later is when it may get harder…just keep looking!!! Now you try! Remaining present in your day is the key…don’t just go through the motions-LIVE!

For more inspiration here’s last year’s post: Summer 2011


I love Fall and somehow feel that alone will make this go round easier(for me), but positive Attitude just like most aspects of our life takes checking in and reminders that we make our happiness or lack there of!

Choose to be positive! Choose to be happy!

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